Sunday, May 3, 2009

Better OSGi integration test support In Camel

Two weeks ago, James did a great work by adding an OSGi integration test module which was based on Pax Exam.

Then, I did some enhancements for this test module this week.

1. You can use the camel features to install the bundles for you test.
Instead of adding the camel-xxx module dependency in the POM for the Pax Exam plugin to setup the bundles list, we can leverage the camel features to setup the bundles that we may use in the integration test.

Here is a code example

// using the features to install the camel components
scanFeatures(mavenBundle().groupId("org.apache.camel.karaf"). artifactId("features").versionAsInProject().type("xml/features"),
"camel-core", "camel-osgi", "camel-spring", "camel-test"),

You can keep on adding the features that you need such as "camel-jms", "camel-jetty", and don't need to any modification on the module's pom.xml.

2. I added the OSGi version of the Camel TestSupport classes, so you could write the test more easily. If you are using the traditional Java DSL to setup the route rule, you just extend the OSGiIntegrationTestSupport; if you are big fan of Spring, you can extend the OSGIIntegrationSpringTestSupport, and it will take care of creating the application context in the OSGi plateform.

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