Tuesday, April 1, 2014

New components in Camel 2.13.0

Camel 2.13.0 was out for about a week, I hope it's not too late to share the high lights of Camel 2.13.0 in my blog :)

There are about 7 new added components: camel-hdfs2, camel-infinispan, camel-jgroups, camel-kafka, camel-optaplanner, camel-splunk, camel-swf.

It is interesting that the most of these components are for Cloud or BigData. But I want to brief these new added component differently.

As main contributor of Apache Camel, it's amazing to see the power of community which drives us to know more and more interesting projects, camel-optaplanner, camel-splunk, camel-kafka are these components. It comes from community contribution and keeps shaping by the hands from the community. 

Now Apache Camel hosts more than 100 components. As Camel wants to give the user full control of integration choice, Camel even provides components of same functions which are implemented by different third party projects. camel-infinispan  is a memory cache component which is much like camel-hazelcast

Apache Camel cannot host some third part components due to the license issue, so we created camel-extra to give a home for these components. It's good to see more and more third part projects move to ASLv2, which means we can host these kind of components in Apache Camel. camel-jgroups is part of Apache Camel now.

We also did some bug fixing and enhancement, you can find more information in the release note and the JIRA report

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  1. Hi , I need to know that how to use camel HTTP Component for "https" and give me some example to solve this , i didn't get any examples